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I am guilty of being a ship jumper. I had an iphone since inception. However, I got bored with the technology. I wanted something a little more snazzy and gadgety. So I jumped ship to the Samsung Galaxy S3 back in January. LOVEDDDDDD the phone for a minute. Then came time to get my work out on and I realized MY MUSIC!!!!!! MY YEARS AND YEARS OF MUSIC!!! gone!! My playlists that had been delicately created based on the intensity of my work out and of course my daughter's playlist to let her listen in the car. 

The conundrum is that I can't figure out how to put music on my new phone without having to make accounts and buy it all over again. yeah NOT COOL android!! So I was stuck thinking what on earth am I going to do with this????? ALAS! Pandora! They have secret workout stations that have a continuous flow instead of a change in tempo it stays at the pace you want! Thank you sweet baby jesus in a manger! So without further adieu here I present the 12 super secret pump you up workout stations on Pandora!

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