Ok so long story short. I am not tech savvy. I stupidly upgraded my Iphone in January for a Samsung Galaxy S3 because I just HADDD to have the new technology um well that didn't work out too well because I love all of my YEARS of music and playlists. With Samsung, I have yet to figure out how to put my music on the damn phone without having to buy it all through their Android App! So alas I have been without Music. In searching for the best tunage options, I stumbled across a secret!! Pandora. Yeah sure you all know what Pandora is but did you know that Pandora has 12 secret work out radio stations? I yes they do! Please and thank you, I will take that! I was so excited to figure this out because who the heck wants to workout without music??? worse who wants to workout to music they don't like or doesn't keep them pumped? NOT ME!! So without further adieu, here are 12 secret work out Stations on Pandora! all are clickable to bring you to the station.

80s Cardio Radio
Alternative Endurance Training
Classic Rock Power Workout
Country Fitness
Dance Cardio Radio
Electronic Cardio Radio
Hard Rock Strength Training
Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout
Pop Fitness
Rap Strength Training Radio
Yoga Workout Radio

That's all folks! Get your sweat on and go get pumped up!

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