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Fat FLUSH ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband ended his 5 day fat flush with an wonderful loss of 5 pounds even though his will power is weak and he still needed his daily coffee with his French vanilla cream and splenda as well as his breakfast bars haha! MEN! I ended my 5 day with 8 pounds lost WOOT however........... that was sort lived. NOT because the program doesn't work, because it does! We took our little girl to a movie and OF COURSE my husband had to get a huge bucket of popcorn and OF COURSE popcorn is my most favorite snack on earth and after rocking the week, BLAHHHHHHHHHHH I ate a bunch. I suffer terribly from the salt and retain water for days! DAYS my fingers are like little Vienna sausages as I type this right now.

So alas, of course I am up on the scale a few pounds but I know once this fluid retention is gone, I shall be loving my scale again!

What are some of your weaknesses?
What are you strengths when it comes to weight loss motivation?
Any tips or tricks that you may have? you know that ACE in the Hole!

For me one thing that always rocks my socks off is what I have dubbed the "Saba Smoothie". It's an amazing blend of Ice, bananas, Coconut Milk, Vanilla ToppFast (protein mix from saba) Leva (energy drink mix with FULL servings of vitamins) and I actually open and empty two ACE capsules into the blender and VROOM! I am zooming happy and full of energy ALL day long while my belly is satisfied! Do you have any go to meals/drinks?

If you want more info of my saba smoothie feel free to comment or message me at http://www.facebook.com/ThePatrioticPeacock


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