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Here are the essentials to a Frappe Protein Smoothie. Now mind you that I had to make it twice because the first time would have made you bounce off the walls all day in a coffee induced ADD fit.  This is SOOOOO GOOD, my husband and I drank enough for 4 people. Eh not so great when you are trying to lose weight but darn it we just couldn't pass it up. Next time, I shall make less but on the upside on a lazy Sunday morning, my husband is just ready to rock and roll like woohooo let's clean house. Let's go run errands, go have a lunch date! Normally it's like dragging a teenager out of bed early in the morning to go to school. Alas, I found his kryptonite, it makes him weak, too weak to resist!!

Note: This makes enough for 2 people so if you need a single serving then simply cut recipe in half
2 scoops of Chocolate Toppfast Protein Mix
1 tbsp of blue agave
2 cups of almond milk/Coconut milk *would be sooo creamy*
20 ice cubes
2 heaping teaspoons of Instant coffee
1 tsp of cocoa powder

Adjustments: if you are NOT dairy free or paleo then feel free to add some greek yogurt of extra creaminess or some splenda/stevia/sugar for your sweetener. 

Just toss it all in your blender or ninja (god I love this thing) and BLEND!! amazingness in 30 seconds or less! now if you aren't dairy free you can grab some whipped cream for the top sprinkle a little cocoa and straw. Voila! kick start your day with less guilt

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