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I am the ultimate homebody when it comes to working out! I get so intimidated by all of those hard bodies and hard core fitness gurus out there that I feel so out of place and embarrassed in a gym. So In my pursuits to get more fit and work out, Oddly, I like to get in shape IN ORDER to go to the gym. I know it's a twisted way of thinking but I really don't want to be judged when I go to a gym and we all know that many of those skinny buff broads will all be like "oh my god look at her huge ass, or Oh my good look at her sweating. I think she might be having a heart attack" Nooo skinny, I'm not having a heart attack I just happen to get really red in the face whether i'm a size 2o or a size 2.

I know I shouldn't think this way but really I just can't help it. I have this fear of people mocking my fatness. So for those of us who either do not have time in our busy day to travel to a gym, we can't afford a gym membership or you suffer from the same ill fate as I.............Here are your great crossfit at home work outs that will really get that heart pumping in a short time and get you on your path to buff you!
~~mandy (The Patriotic Peacock)

Darla Hudson
12/26/2013 01:16:18 am

I am excited to get started on my weight loss program, and I am looking forward to loosing all of the excess weight and gaining new found strength. Regaining my life back is the most important thing that I can do for my self, I have been struggling with Fibromyalgia, and the pain of that and the fact that I have struggled with not smoking, has been very hard, to say the lest. However, I will prevail, and I will over come all of these obstacles that have been trying at times. I have not smoked for a year, and I am starting my exercise program today, as well as seeing my doctor about help with the FMS, so that I can keep up with the exercise program with out to much pain or loss of sleep. I am hoping that working with my doctor will be the key to my success, with losing the weight that I need to... Thanks for the help with the exercise program that will speed this process up.... eternally grateful, Ms. Hudson

Mandy Cabral-Hangsleben
2/25/2014 04:42:05 am

I'm just seeing this now !!! I'm so sorry I missed it. How are you doing!


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