Do you want long luscious lashes without the sticky lash glue and tricky application? Try our Saba Lustre 3D Fiber Lash Mascara! Get the length and volume you desire without having to apply false lashes! Order yours here (found under the Skin & Hair products). Only $26 AND we have a 30 day money back guarantee!! IF you want YOURS for less, just message me at and ask me how to get YOURS for almost 40% off retail price!  Also be sure to "like" and follow us on Instagram for giveaways and sales!!

One thing I haven't really touched on before is my love of make up. Ok love isn't really a strong enough word for it. It's more like an obsession! My 5 year old daughter is equally obsessed as she asked santa for a vanity and train case for Christmas, haha I have NO idea where she gets it from.  She loves to play at home, creating looks, watching how to videos online. It's amazing how well she does already at her young age and knowing the fundamentals of make up that many adult women don't know. While she is only allowed to play at home and not wear it in public, it's really fun to take her to big box stores like Sephora and Ulta to pick out the latest products and go home and do mommy's make-up.

My love of make-up started when I was in High School. I had to have surgery to break and repair my jaw which meant 8 weeks of being wired shut and tons of swelling and bruising to accompany it. I had to learn how to cover it all and well. Back then we didn't have social media, we didn't have youtube or even the internet in our home back then to learn. I simply had to figure it out for myself and as a woman nearing 40, my skills are still growing and evolving with the latest trends and techniques. I love it. It's every changing and always offers a fresh new look.

With that being said, I have an affection for false lashes. NOT because I like the big obviously fake look with a long strip of jet black liner on my lid everyday but because I didn't have lashes for a short period, or rather very short, sparse and stubby ones. During treatment, I needed to wear them for me, to feel good about myself. You pick and choose your battles. I may not have much hair on my head but I'll be damned if I walk out of the house without rocking some fab make-up!!  Long Story short, you all know that I am with an amazing business called Saba!!! WELL foreverrrrrrrrr it seems we have been asking our owners to please get us some sort of amazing make up or lash products. Well ask and ye shall receive!!

We just launched our Saba Lustre 3d Fiber Lash.  I've had the pleasure to demo it and compare it with big box brands and another well known fiber lash brand. Ours in my eyes is far superior to any product I have purchased in the past, whether it be a fiber lash or simply a mascara that boosts increasing volume capabilities.  I am smitten with our product!! The price is right for the budget at only $26 per kit. Which is right on par (even a little under) with the current market. We also offer a wholesale cost to our customers (message me for more info Where you can save a modest amount of money on your lash kit.

This is me personally.........
As you can see, I have almost NO eyelashes in the first image!!  For someone who has more lashes than I do you will obviously see fuller results and LONG. My lashes are still growing back so I don't have very many but considering that fact, I am still in love with the results!! I can't believe it actually looks like I have lashes! I'm quite pleased. I personally can't wait to see what it looks like when I have all of my natural lashes back!!

This is my dear friend Becky, She came over and let me hook up her makeup and test out our saba lustre 3d fiber lash on her! I LOVE her eyes!! Love our product! I'm thoroughly excited for such a fabulous product and such a great savings that I can pass on to my customers!
Be sure to get your lash on today!! Go to and order yours found under our Skin & Hair section of our products Be sure to go "like" my facebook page and follow us on instagram!

Peace and Love,

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