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I dont even know where to begin. It's been 9 months since I have been on this blog. Since March 2014 to be exact. Last March, I started feeling off, just an overall feeling of unwell. I started gaining weight despite all of my efforts and tools to lose weight. I went to see my physician and to no avail, he said I was fine. Yeah that was until my husband and I took our daughter to the Zoo-tennial celebration in town.  I wasn't there even 10 minutes and I felt like I was having a heart attack. I immediately hauled my booty to the ER. Sadly, I was diagnosed with Fluid filling the sac around my heart and it was squeezing my heart (pericarditis with effusion). After a short stint in the hospital, we found my thyroid was not functioning properly, which I have a history of, seeing that I had it radiated 7 years prior due to it being overactive back then. Well, again my physician said I was fine and to just lower my hormone dose. I knew something wasn't right, I could just feel it.  So i went back in to my doctor's office and thankfully he wasn't in that day and I saw the Chief of Medicine in his place. Within 10 minutes of a visit and exam, he had me rushed over the to hospital for a CT scan of my neck, Right away.  Come to find out, I was right. I had "nodules" on my thyroid (many) and I had some positive reactive lymphnodes in my neck as well. 

To fast forward, many tests and an excruciating dozen biopsies in my throat and neck, we found there was a MAJOR problem. I won't get into the long of it but I ended up needing to have a total Thyroidectomy with a few lymphnodes to be removed with it.  It was quite the surgery, it took 5 hours.  I think my husband was more nervous than I was considering a couple of the lymphnodes that were removed, were under my carotid artery. He was a trooper, hanging in there with our wee chick while I was in surgery and again during recovery and treatment.  I got a nice little party favor by way of a handsome scar (which is now healing very well).

Not too shabby and I'm healing well so I can't complain and I'm back!!
But to add insult to injury, we moved cross country to the east coast this fall. While I am thankful to be back on my beloved east coast, it's quite the undertaking when not feeling that great!

So that is the short of it, I am excited to be back at it. I am still with my amazing company Saba which I am so thankful for!!  I gained a ton of weight on top of weight I already needed to lose but that can be expected. However, now I am ready to kick some fat ass! Well my own that is and transform my life.  I am following one of our amazing programs called Saba 60.  It's a 60 day lifestyle transformation that helps you get a grip on healthy living along with some supplements to help get you through it all with the best results possible.  The best part is, we have an exclusive, private facebook group where we get insane amounts of support and motivation along with a weekly call that not only helps you be successful in the program but motivates and uplifts your spirit! AND you can win $2500.00 just for transforming your life. Every 3 months Saba will give 3 people a cash prize (a BIG prize) just for doing what they were going to without the money incentive anyway.. GET HEALTHY!!!!  It's not based on who lost the most pounds, it's about transforming your body and spirit. Last quarter, our 3rd place winner (my friend!!) lost only 10 pounds but she truly transformed herself inside and out and won not only a new body and outlook on food but also $1000.00 for making changes that we all need to adhere to. I am so proud of her!!! 

I am currently on day 4 of what is called the 5 day Cleanse. The first 5 days is designed to help detox your body of chemicals, sugar and carbs that we unhealtily ingest daily without even thinking twice. It helps you transform your way of thinking and preparing meals so that you can be the most successful version of yourself in this lifestyle process. I can not wait to see where this journey brings me. I have a TON of weight to lose but I am going to do it! It may be slow because I don't have a thyroid and it will take a little extra work but I KNOW it will happen and I'm pumped!! I have amazing tools to get this done! ANd maybe even win a little $$$$$$ in the process! I am going to document my journey here so feel free to follow and help keep me uplifted! I'm a few short weeks away from being 38 years old and this mama needs a new body! haha! and some hot shoes with that prize money would be nice too!

Remember, Eat to live not live to eat!!
Peace and Love,

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