So excited!!! I did the 5 Five Day Fat flush last week, which is also perfect with a Paleo Diet since you don't need to make any changes and I lost 10.5 lbs in 5 days And nope, I haven't put any back on and it's been 5 days since I completed that round. Now I'm just taking my ACE, following my healthy lifestyle and that's it! Get yours today here

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As I had shown previously in my Paleo Tips blog post (can be found by clicking on "Paleo" under the categories on the right sidebar) I showed you that you can create a healthy paleo meal for your family on a budget and CHEAPER than eating convenience food, or junk like hamburger helper that so many people without a large food budget think they HAVE to feed their family in order to get by and that is just not true. So periodically I am going to show you that you can have healthy meals. YOU can eat Paleo on a budget! YOU can just eat healthy on a budget. There really is no excuse. Limited income is NO excuse! You are going to spend more as I have previously shown in my meal comparison on junk boxed meals full of preservatives, full of fat and devoid of solid wholefood nutrients than you would on a clean healthy delicious meal. Those convenience foods dull your taste buds. You will truly learn how amazing fresh food tastes when you detox all the crap out of your body!! You can do it, You will be amazed at yourself and you will be amazed at how much you can eat, how healthy you can eat and the fantastic flavor of your foods and THE VARIETY of your foods when you eat clean! 

A couple of things. When I post prices, I am posting what it costs me here in San Antonio Texas. It may and most likely will cost you more if you live in Los Angeles or New York City. However, you will still save money because if your head of lettuce costs more in NY well then so does your frozen pizza. It all evens out.  Don't be afraid to buy store brands. Just read the labels. LABEL READING IS IMPORTANT!!!! Learn to read labels. Often times store brands are identical in ingredients and nutritional content as the brand name and will save you a bit of money and over the cost of your grocery bill that adds up! Also, I do not coupon! I am not coupon savvy, I don't have the time or patience. Also, you will notice an importance key factor in couponing. You do not see fresh fruit, veggie or protein coupons. The junk that coupons do cover for the most part, I don't want.  Also, HIT UP YOUR LOCAL Farmers Markets. YOU HAVE THEM. I don't care where you live, you have a co-op, you have a farmers market. FIND IT! Just today I bought a huge bushel of fresh local grown green beans, 6 huge fresh Zucchini, a Big sweet seedless watermelon and a box of fresh from the vine tomatoes..........ready $6   BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY and freeze the things you can!! Take those green beans. cut off the ends.. rinse in cold water. toss on a cookie sheet and throw in your freezer for a few hours. THAT my friends is how you FLASH Freeze. Then once frozen you just take them off the cookie sheet and put them in clearly marked freezer bags for future use. NOW you have freshly frozen green beans CHEAP. We all know how expensive blueberries are right? Here during the off season a half of a pint can cost upwards of $3, to me that is crazy. Well during blueberry season our farmers market and the local grocery store here had blueberries on a crazy sale! PINTS!! YES WHOLE PINTS on sale for $1.25 hellloooo! I bought 12. Yes 12 pints just to freeze not even to eat right then. I brought them home, rinse them off and spent the next day flash freezing them and putting 12 pints of blueberries into freezer bags. Now I have enough blueberries for the fall and winter to make smoothies and sweet treats and I'm not buying anything!! I did the same thing with Strawberries! they were on sale for $1.50 per pound. I bought so many! I cut them in half, hulled them and flash froze them for desserts, for smoothies and whatever else we want! Do you know how much just 8 ounces of FROZEN strawberries cost in a grocery store?? It's a lot and you are paying per weight of FROZEN strawberry not fresh.

Save your pennies, invest in an extra freezer. In fact, I have 3 freezer chests! Again, NO excuses!! You can't tell me well I live in a small apartment, I don't have room. Guess what? Yes you do. Why? because we live in a small apartment. We are an Active Duty military family. When we found out our move to Texas was only a short duty and here for barely 2 years we decided to put all of our stuff in storage and I literally mean our entire house is in storage. The only boxes we opened we kitchen things, bedding, bathroom. We bought furniture to fit a small apartment. Our house is in two big garages under our apartment. However, you bet your ass my freezers are in my place!! On as in the corner of our dining area at the foot of the table. I don't care we can move it and people can sit close of they come visit. I'm not sacrificing my freezer. The OTHER is in the kitchen and the third..... IN MY CLOSET! yup in my closet in the bedroom. YOU MAKE IT WORK!  I have to admit! I'm giddy with excitement to think when we leave here we will finally have a whole house again haha! I am totally splurging and buying a Big huge upright double door Freezer!! or two...... I don't care where they have to be put, it's happening in my life!

Another issue that I hear from people is that they just don't have time! COUGHbullshitCOUGH. Do you have time to read this blog? You either found me on pinterest or facebook or google. so that means you were on a computer. You have time. I have an insanely busy life. I have a special needs child that consumes so much of my time. I have an active duty husband who is in a role that keeps him away from home a lot and it's a quite stressful role (he works with wounded warriors) so I really don't ask much of him at home. He needs to be able to come home and de-stress. I run a personal development, health and wellness business from home. With that I don't just "SELL" weight loss products as some may think. It's a whole line of health and wellness but I also coach. I have a team, a group of people that I life coach daily for health, lifestyle changes just over all well being. As I myself make changes in my own personal life. We all have bumps in the road. I hit a pretty nasty road block this year with the loss of a child and now I'm ready to get back on the wagon and stop feeling sorry for myself, lose the weight I gained in my self pity, being lazy etc. It's happening, It will happen. I'm aware and I know what to do so I'm doing it. You can to!  I make my husband a fresh breakfast and lunch for work everyday! On Sunday, when I'm cooking a family dinner I go ahead and throw in something extra like I roast a pork, or a few extra chicken breasts and this is what I use for my husband's lunches during the week. I cut up a bunch of fruit and keep it in a bowl and just dish out each night a serving for his lunch each day, pack his favorite pistachios, figs, a coffee and smoothie and he has his food. Luckily I'm home to eat during the day so I have control over what I eat however if I had to work out of the home, it wouldn't be any different than what I pack for him.  One day I week I batch cook and then DONE for the week for lunches and breakfasts things like egg cups or little frittatas for him to grab etc. Turn on a movie, put on some music, get cracking!

There really just is no excuse to not eat well. Budget isn't an excuse. Space isn't an excuse. Time isn't an excuse because there is always time to find just a couple of hours in your week. EVERYONE has a couple of hours. So for you, for me, for everyone! I am going to be posting a bunch of Paleo meals on a budget!! to help you plan! Help you budget healthy eating!! If you have a Favorite meal! A favorite treat! FEEL FREE To email me or comment to me what it is and I will personally recreate that meal for you in a healthy option! Just email thepatrioticpeacock@gmail.com and you can very well be my next blog post!


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