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Have you ever wondered exactly what is this Paleo thing you hear about or Primal way of eating is? It's an amazingly healthy life style. In fact is the only way our ancestors ate. We didn't have Mcdonald's when our forefathers founded our nation. The Native Americans who were here before us didn't eat loafs of bread and pasta. Why should we? Picaso didn't eat a frozen microwave pizza when he was painting.

When people hear Primal or Paleo they instantly think of cavemen running around beating their chests (well at least the people I have come across when they ask about it). It's really about eating whole foods. Natural unmodified foods. Foods gathered the way they would be in nature and not in a factory. We do not buy convenience food, we do not buy frozen foods or boxed meal kits, or minute rice or kraft mac n cheese. GOD FORBID hamburger helper comes across my threshold, I shall make you eat it box and all before it ever gets cooked in my kitchen.

Many people will complain and make excuses saying things like, It's too expensive, I have too many mouths to feed, it's cheaper to buy hamburger helper. I don't have enough time to cook from scratch. HOLD THE PHONE YALL!! since when is your family's healthy less important than a few extra minutes or a few extra dollars but honestly those excuses are just that. In FACT since transitioning our family over to a Paleo way of life, OUR GROCERY BILL DROPPED!! We are much healthier, we have a much better delicious variety of foods, FRESH foods, no sluggish cloudy feeling that many get after eating such crap!! and There is extra money in the bank to do things with the family!

Example........ To feed a family of 4..

You would need two boxes MINIMUM of hamburger helper $4 total (if on sale)
You would need 2 lbs of ground beef to go in the mix and the cheap stuff would cost $8 approx. for those 2 pounds
If you feel like giving your family a vegetable with it then add a few extra dollars.
Some soda or juice Add another $2 or more dollars. I'm being very lenient on the amount because I'm sure it will cost more. So for one chemical filled, starch and fat filled meal for a family of 4 it would cost you approx. $16 or more.

Now Try my Paleo version:
A whole roaster chicken which often go on sale $3
A pound of Zucchini $1.40
A pound of Summer Squash $1.50
A tossed salad for 4 Approx $3
Water with lemons and lime to drink $1
A healthy salad dressing (I prefer avocado oil and vinegar but whatever you chose for sake of argument) for a family of 4 $1.25
My total Amazingly fresh, filling and healthy, chemical free, preservative free, terrible starch free meal costs only a whopping $8.15  That would be HALF of your sugar, starched and fat filled meal.  This mind you is exactly what I made for dinner tonight with my family.  However we did add some honeydew melon for a sweet ending and that cost me $1.25 because I only used half and that STILL brings me way under that convenience meal. I have enough money left over to make breakfast and have a snack for my family of 4.

There really is just zero excuse for not doing everything you can to try and eat healthy.  I personally have 3 freezers in my home. When a protein goes on sale, I BUY BULK! I'm talking I have been known to buy 40lbs of boneless skinless chicken breast when it goes on sale for $1.70 per pound. WHen roasting chickens go on sale for under $3 each I BUY !!! We eat well and healthy! we don't scrimp and save and coupon. We don't need to. Sure if you can get what you need cheaply go for it! But why compromise your family's health?   If you want pasta? I can give you an amazing inexpensive pasta recipe that WILL feed your family of 4 full!! and it will be cheap and healthy instead of those boxed alternatives. 

If you want some tips on how to convert your quick meals into healthy cost effective meals feel free to comment here or shoot me a message at www.facebook.com/ThePatrioticPeacock and I will go over and beyond to help you out! I'm a stay at home mom to a disabled toddler. when it comes to saving money, I have no other choice but I won't compromise what I feed my family. ~~mandy

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