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Egg cups egg cups egg cups egg cups...how many times can you say that fast?? So before I start with this little diddy on how to make these, I must confess first. I never made them before tonight. I have seen them around here and there, people have talked about them yadda yadda but I never tried them. I'm once again suffering from insomnia and decided why not prep some food for the week! I had 2 dozen eggs, I was already making a frittata and I had some amazing bacon... WHY NOT? well shit they smelled so good that I couldn't wait to eat one. I BURNED MY LIP and tongue! So now I am sitting here nursing a blister on my mouth all in the name of bacon. Would I do it again? YES it's BACON!!!!!!!!!!  Anyhow this is the most easy, ridiculous thing you can make that is so grab and go it's insane. It ends all excuses for not having enough time to have a great protein packed breakfast. it would even make a great pre or post workout snack!. It's 3am here in Texas and I'm cooking, so If I can.........anyone can find 20 minutes to do this.

First off, I'm a lazy cook. I don't like messes and well I don't like trying to pry stuff out of pans or other cooking vessels. So here I used a cupcake liner (foil not paper) to make these.

All you need, ARE YOU READY for the crazy stupid easiness ???

1 dozen eggs
12 strips of bacon cut in half
a muffin tin
salt and pepper if you feel so inclined.


Preheat your oven to 425 degrees
Line your muffin tin with your foil cupcake liners.

Take one half of a strip of bacon and lay it down one side of the cup...across the bottom and up the other side........ Now take another half of a strip and do the same thing but on the side of the cupcake liner that doesn't have bacon covering it. it will make a little bacon cup inside the cupcake liner (YES you will double over the bottom of the cup but that's awesome right? TWO layers of bacon on bottom, hell yes please).

NOW for the hard part... Crack one each into each bacon filled cup!
Add some salt/pepper if you wish and bake! for 15-20 minutes! THAT'S IT!

however WARNING!! DO WAIT until it cools before you attempt to eat scolding HOT BACON!!!!!

Enjoy~ Mandy

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