Look at these amazing results AND he is still rocking out dropping those pounds and melting those inches!! Such an inspiration! ACE is transforming his life both physically and financially as he is also a team member~ www.facebook.com/ThePatrioticPeacock

I completely and utterly splurged on myself the other day. Something that I never do as I tend to get a lot of guilt. I often think, man I could use that money on xyz for the house or the family etc. Perhaps that is just the mommy in me or simple the frugile side of me. I am a saver, I love to save and plan. However, not this week! I decided, I work hard for my family,  I'm working hard to get healthy and beat this auto-immune disease and get back into shape so alas I bought myself a NINJA! Holy moly batman is this thing brilliant. I could live on a liquid diet for the rest of my life.
Soooooo speaking of Ninja, my amazing pumpkin smoothie was brilliantly delicious! My husband and I loved it so much we are planning our next attack~ A "frozen coffee" smoothie for tomorrow~ Stay tuned for that awesomeness~
The recipe is quite simple and you may have everything you need at home. Note: My recipe makes enough for 2 people simply cut in half to make a single serving

2 cups Coconut Milk (you may use almond, soy, hemp or regular milk if you prefer)
15-20 ice cubes
1 tbsp Blue Agave (you can sub for stevia or whichever sweetener you prefer)
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp pumpkin spice
1/2 tsp ground ginger (you can grate fresh)
1.5 cups of pumpkin puree
2 scoops of Vanilla ToppFast Protein shake mix (available at http://www.facebook.com/Thepatrioticpeacock)

Simply toss it all in your blender and MIX it to delish heaven~

I really could have drank a gallon of this but alas that would not be great on my scale now would it?
Enjoy it truly tastes like pie. Who can't get healthy and lose weight with PIE?

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