This passed weekend I had the pleasure of attending SABA's annual Oklahoma City "I Showed Up" corporate event. I was so deeply honored to be asked by the CEO and COO to be one of the few guest speakers for a crowded convention center, jam packed with the company owners, corporate,  customer service,  and hundreds of distributors. there just aren't enough words to describe how touched and blessed I am by SABA. I recieved an award with many others who have worked hard and excelled within this company but to have my individual achievement,  my family's success and moreso my daughter's success in her life as a reflection of her hard work within herself and my ability to push and reach amazing goals to provide her with the tools she needed to be successful, was overwhelming. A short snippet about what I do.....I'm an independent distributor for SABA.  Specializing in health and wellness. more specifically, weight loss. In the 12 months that I have been with this company,  I have grown over a 4,000 fanbase deep following,  1000 and growing downline of team members and customers and a business that continues to grow every minute of everyday.  yes it is direct sales just like scentsy or avon but its far more than just that. it's a team,  a true family.  We work together, build and grow together. we are providing our clients with a healthy future and our families with financial security.  This company has changed my life. If anyone is interested in seeing the video of my speech (it's only 4 minutes long just comment and I'll be sure to get it posted)   thank you all for following my journey.  I'm starting some amazing life changes soon and I'd love for you to be a part of them. ~~~Mandy

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