This is how my husband and I start our day! What I have dubbed the "saba smoothie". Vitamin PACKED with a full days of vits! tons of energy, protein and of course ACE to get me through the day!! so delish!
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So people have asked, what is our meal plan? How do we eat? What is our foodie lifestyle? One word.......... PALEO ok maybe two words.. Low Carb.

Having auto-immune disease, it's important to stay away from inflammation inducing foods and well starchy carbs are high on that list! no refined sugary products, the only packaged anything we buy is our saba products and condiments (and of course some things for the kiddo). With Fally (the princess) and her disease it's really important that we try to eliminate any outside sources that can cause inflammation so it's important to us to follow this way of life the best we can for her. Of course we stray, we enjoy a meal out, snacks at the theatre (cough popcorn cough) every once in awhile! that is normal. If you deprive yourself that is how you crash and burn!

This is our fridge. The few packaged things and milk you see are for our little girl otherwise we don't use them.  She drinks a lot of milk with vitamin and iron mixes put in because she has a difficult time chewing so we do a lot of liquid nutrients with her. She is in Feeding therapy as one of her 4 kinds of therapy so hopefully that will be a thing of the past soon enough. So for us you will see......Whole Foods, fresh foods, eggs, proteins that is it!!
An example of a daily menu for us would be:

Breakfast: Saba Smoothie
Snack: berries
Lunch: boneless chicken and squash
Snack: raw veggies (and my guilty ranch or sour cream with lime don't judge lol)
Dinner: tonight was grilled pork loin, grilled asparagus
Snack: nothing tonight but my husband and I snack on really whatever is cooked either left overs or we make beef jerky love it home made!

The key is to eat enough all day to keep your body revving that metabolism and keeping you from ever being hungry. If you aren't hungry then you aren't going to binge or reach for junk!


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