Today is the beginning of the new journey, a healthy me. THE FINAL chapter in my weight loss adventure. I have resigned to the fact that I will never be a waif. I am only 5'4" ish so I will never be super model sexy and I am sooooo ok with that. I personally like being able to buy clothes off the rack and not have this immense expectation of perfection. I'm a curvy girl, I always have been since I moved on from elementary school. I have never been over weight until pregnancy and then I LET IT ALLLLLLL GO DOWN HILL!!! Not anymore. I am nearing 40 years old, I have a lot of medical issues that are all auto-immune related and the best way for me to combat that problems is to be as fit as I possibly can.  With having a special needs child, I NEED to be a my peak level of health. She needs me to be here for a long long time for her. I am her rock, her support, what will happen if I can't even take care of myself because I'm too overweight or too tired from the fatigue related to being obese. So..........here.......we..........go folks!

Today, I filled the house with our normal fare, fresh fruits, veggies and proteins. I set up a meal plan based on our amazing Clark Bartram's 5 day Fat Flush. YES I AM doing a 5 day fat flush. It is NOT a cleanse or fast. I will be eating and plenty!! However, the best thing for me as a diabetic, a blood type A+, and auto-immune disease prone is to cut out starch and refined sugar. I KNOW that I can and will lose all of my weight but I just can not eat those things. I will always gain it back, I will always become sluggish, my blood sugar will spike and drop out of control. I need to stick with WHOLE FOODS! that is it and that is what I like. Now, I am totally going to enjoy a slice of pizza here and there, a slice of cake at my baby girl's birthday party or a bit of popcorn on family movie night but these things will not be regular parts of my lifestyle on a daily basis as they routinely can be.

I am excited to start this journey with you all. Feel free to join me, ask for guidance, recipes, what my meal plan is. I am an open book. I will post a before picture soon enough as utterly embarrassing as it is, I need it for posterity sake. 

SO tomorrow, July 24th....day one of the fat flush. 
oh and side note, my husband started the fat flush yesterday and lost 3lbs already! ugh men suck

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