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Vices, we all have them but how many are willing to give them up? I mean give them up FOR GOOD! My husband and I have/had a major vice and I do believe a big set back in our healthy living transformation.  No matter how clean we ate, we always ruined it by chugging down a chemical filled Diet Cola (you know the red and blue haha!) OR my personal fav a diet rootbeer.  Really though, what is better on a hot day than popping the top on an ICE COLD CAN of frothy goodness? Well by doing that everyday and sometimes 5-6 times a day!! We were being total hypocrites. We eat clean, don't buy processed foods but we used to buy some serious amounts of soda. there were days when I swear that was the only fluid my husband would drink other than a cup of coffee in the morning.  what's the point of all that healthy, organic and fresh made food If you are rinsing it down with chemicals?

We quit.  As in, Cold turkey, just didn't buy it anymore. We were at the market one day and I said, eh I'm done with soda. I don't need any but if you want to grab some for you then by all means go ahead. I was so proud of the response I got back, he said no!. He decided he didn't want to drink that junk anymore either! To me it was like AHHHHHHHHHHHHH the heavens were singing, the sun was shining those silly little cartoon birds were floating above tweeting joyous tunes! FINALLY, after 10 years, literally 10 years of trying to kick it, the husband was on board!  

What we did next was just hold on and stayed strong. It's so easy to just cave when it's all around you. At his job, there are vending machines in his office, at the hospital there are little corner shops inside where he can grab one but Alas he didn't! I'm unbelievably proud of him.  We went and bought him a little fridge to stick under his office desk and packed it will water. That other than his coffee in the morning is all he drinks at work, Ice cold, crisp, refreshing water.  For me it was really easy, I'm home with our daughter. I'm not tempted by all of the exposure he gets. My job is to raise our little girl, work on my business at home and bring her to her therapy and other appointments. We are constantly running behind so there is never time to just stop and grab a cold one.  It was going really well for us!

At home, we enjoy again more water! I do make a decaf unsweetened Ice tea that I brew myself and it's not a prepackaged or powdered concoction. At night instead of a soda, we do enjoy a glass together but that's ok. It's a natural leaf that we steep in water. No chemicals, no sugars, nothing but natural goodness. In the mornings, I pack his lunch, he still has his coffee but I make him a big 1.5liter bottle of water packed with fresh lemon and lime wedges! He loves this after his morning workout and it gives me a chance to really pack in the H2O ounces in his body after a strenuous workout.  It has been working well for us. As far as our daughter is concerned, nothing has changed for her. She doesn't drink soda, wasn't allowed. She likes her milk, water or veggie/fruit juice. She's 3, so I still have wonderful control over her beverage choices.

The Epiphany....... It had been about 10 days or so since we kicked the habit and really came clean. Whatever possessed us to stop at a convenience store on the way out of town was beyond me!  We stopped and instantaneously we grabbed a couple bottles of the cold fizzy stuff. We didn't even give it a second thought. It truly was a muscle memory response. The years of just running in and grabbing a soda, running out and driving on our way totally just hit play here. As we are driving down the highway, we both crack one open and take a swig. Within seconds we both said UGH, Gag, Ewww that tastes terrible!!!! What the hell were we thinking?????? We had finally come full circle. We had detoxed our addiction and love for this fizzy poison out of our bodies. It tasted terrible, you could just taste how "chemical" and unnatural it was.  We ended up having this long conversation during our travels about good lord what were we doing all these years allowing ourselves to ingest so crap!!?!?! It only solidified our resolve to just not drink it again and just keep it real. Real, whole, fresh, healthy, colorful food and beverage. Our ancestors didn't drink soda at the first thanksgiving, the native americans didn't go to war for their land whilst packing a 12 pack of pop. Why should be continue to harm our own bodies on purpose? That was it. Gone in a flash! No more soda in our home or In our lives. We finally successfully removed the last barrier between clean living and TRULY clean living!
What are any vices you have?

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