We loved the Fat Flush so much that we decided to go for it for another 5 days after taking a few off. It's an amazing way to kid start your program
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My husband and I had such great success with the Five Day Fat Flush this round that we are stoked about doing it again this week! We both have previously done the fat flush perhaps 3 times and did great and Always have brilliant success. This time we are hitting it hard, no slips, no cheats. It's time to kick it into gear full time for our little girl. She needs us!

What is the Fat Flush? The Fat Flush is a comprehensive 5 day meal plan that was designed by none other than our Famous Health and Fitness expert Clark Bartram (we are friends, I love him and most importantly my 3 year old daughter has a super crush on him and everytime we see him she just wants to bat her little eyes and smile then get kisses). Anyway, I digress! You follow this amazing meal plan for 5 days while taking a detox supplement called Co-Clenz (available in my store). It will kick start your metabolism, throw your body into fat burning beast mode and regulate your digestive tract ridding it of all of that stored poop. YES POOP! Everyone needs to poop and more than once a day to have a healthy Digestive system! After those five days you start or continue on with whichever routine you were following previously, whether it be weight watchers or ACE WOOT HOLLA YES! ACE rocks my world and it really should be rocking yours too!

A day in the life of us during the fat flush is pretty easy. EAT, EAT, EAT, EAT, EAT some more, take co-clenz and go to bed. Wake up and lose pounds!!! It's pretty easy and amazing!

I can't wait to share my progress at the end of the week with y'all~

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