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I haven't really updated in quite a bit of time so I figured no better time than now. It's 5am, everyone is asleep. I can enjoy a nice hot tea in quiet before the rush of the day. We have quite the busy day today!!

I'm a pretty open book. I don't mind sharing because frankly, I don't care who reads it. I figure if someone who is going through what I am at the same time, struggling through something similar, reads this and I help them be a little more open or share a bit more then why not?  The point of blogging is to get information to others. Whether it be a healthy recipe, a new tool to use in their everyday life or perhaps just a struggle that my family has conquered. I also find it very cathartic. It's a great outlet for me to get things out of my head and off my chest that I have been thinking about. I often go to bed with recipes in my head that I can blog about or information that I think my thousands of readers would love to learn, example the tips on paleo living! If there is ever anything you want to learn, you want more information, you want me to try and create your favorite guilty pleasure into a healthy recipe just ask! either comment or email here thepatrioticpeacock@gmail.com and I will do whatever I can to help you out! Anyway, I digress! 

We as a family have made some pretty big changes in the last year and a half.  We moved across the country. We absolutely ADORE living in Texas!! It has been by far our most favorite place to live ever!! In fact so much, I want to retire here! We are looking at ranches to buy. My husband wants to get a couple of horses. We do not want a farm because frankly we are NOT farm people! But we would love to be able to set up a nice ranch, have a great garden, some fruit trees and few horses. We love Texas. I can't say it enough. Retirement is only a few years away, so we have sometime to plan thankfully but it's getting close! It's exciting! My husband has put in his time and it's time for him to be able to enjoy civilian life now.

We were in such a different place just 6 months ago. Our little girl wasn't doing very well. She had a lot of set backs in her disease but thankfully being here in Texas with the state of the art rehabilitation facilities available to us, she really has progressed! Just 6 months ago, her Doctors put her at barely a 12 month old's physical level. Now intellectually, she is extremely bright and beyond her age but her physical body just fails her. However with such aggressive, intensive rehabilitation, enough that would make a grown man cry, she has made 24 months of progress in just 6 months!! I will have to post a video of her soon at therapy, she rocks my socks of daily. She truly is my hero and the love of my life. SOOOO with her amazing progress comes big things!! She gets to cut back on some of her therapy and instead of twice a day, 5 days a week she gets to go to two days a week and have in home therapy the other days!! We have set up a therapy area for her complete with bosu balls and balancing gadgets (beyondplay.com is an amazing website for therapeutic needs for kids), we even have a free standing Ballet Barre for her to practice her balance and work on upper body strength. She is an amazing child. SOO with that...... SHE GETS TO GO TO PRESCHOOL NOW!!! She is finally at a physical level that she can go to school. At first we thought next year she would be able to start Pre-K and go to the Special needs School. They have Mainstream education classes but for physically impaired children where they offer physical therapy, OT, ST and FT there for her too at the same time. However, she really has come a long way that we don't even need to ever look at that option. She just gets to go to school with her peers and move on from there. She will forever have to be in therapy. It's a battle she will endure for the rest of her life but with time and age we will be able to slowly progress to just doing everything at home and only seek facility help when she has an injury. It's just mind blowing that 6 months ago, she was using a wheelchair and leg braces and couldn't walk up one step on her own and today she is standing on a bosu ball doing squats while holding an 8 pound medicine ball. She blows my mind at how strong her will is! 

So that brings us to our busy day! She gets to go to her 6 month dentist cleaning woot, oddly she loves the dentist haha! Then She gets to go MEET HER NEW TEACHER!!!!! and see her classroom! We have to pick up her class supply list and can I say, my husband and I are pretty excited to have to go buy school supplies lol!! We are so proud of her! She is so excited to go to school! She's going to a private Christian school which is important to my husband and I. They have great values and a group called Mission kids, one night per week they get together and learn about doing things for others and just being compassionate and mission minded children. Which is a great value to have. She has been through a lot and a lot of people have been there for her whether it be doctors, therapists, our friends, the fisher house when she was in the hospital last year for a small stroke, so many of our military friends were a great emotional support to us and We want her to learn how it's important to help others and give back selflessly.

AND THIS MAMA gets some time to herself!! Ahh to go to the gym and run without worrying about a childcare time limit!! Get my hair done, do some work at home without stopping to have a tea party (which I love) so now when she is home from school, all of my time is just us! No running errands, no cleaning house just me and her because I can do all of that when she's at school! I'm sad though because I am so going to miss our morning snuggle time at least I have the weekends! It's been just me and her for almost 4 years. The two of us everyday, all day together since my husband works such long hours we really just get him for dinner time and weekends. She's my best bud!

Well that is enough of an update today! I'm off to go run to some of my local associates homes to get some training done for them before our crazy day

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