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well I love chili and I love Buffalo wings!! So I have an awesome "not so paleo" recipe! While I did not consume grain, some frown upon the use of legumes. I personally eat them every so often as long as I adhere to the rest of my paleo regime!  So it says buffalo chicken right? WELLLLLL all the market had was Jenni-0 ground turkey so alas for the purpose of these photos I used ground turkey however ground chicken is the normal ingredient. It was still delish. My daughter took one lick and was like uh no. However, she is only 4 so I don't expect miracles.  The irony is, I really shouldn't have made chili. It was stupid of me after the events that unfolded yesterday.

Have you ever been so sick that you shat yourself? Yeah well that literally happened yesterday. It was a chilly Sunday at home with the family, hanging out on the sofa, watching a movie. We had some chicken wings (paleo woot).   All of a sudden, I tell my husband "oh man Im not feeling well".  Then as if I were in a slow motion action movie, My body was doing things it shouldn't.  In my head, I was thinking oh no! Maybe it's just a little fart and it's really just too hot from the hot wings lol!. Seriously that is what I was thinking. I didn't shart, I didn't even Fart. I just thought perhaps one escaped me.  Then all of a sudden out loud I said. OH MY GOD IT's not WARM it's WET!!!!!!!! I jumped up and ran to the bathroom, my husband was yelling what what? He looks over and on my cushion.......................................Diarrhea. I shat myself!  He was rolling around the living room floor laughing!  I was crying, begging him to bring me trash bags because my clothes needed to be tossed away. I was not going to attempt to wash them.  Why you ask? it was down to the ankles kind of stuff. Had it not been for the elastic in my sweatpants around the ankles, I would have had shit streaks across my carpet.  My 4 year old daughter comes trucking into the bathroom to check out the big ordeal. I asked her if she could rub my belly since it hurt , she promptly said no, you might poop your pants again. LOL God I love that kid! Sooo here I am the shitty pants paleo blogger.... Today my poor dog, got sick and I do NOT do vomit well! I don't. So as I am trying to rub her belly and clean up her vomit, I pulled my shirt up over my nose. Well we all know that doesn't work! I vomited down my shirt. Fun TIMES have been had these last 2 days! So clearly as you can see, I really should not have made nor ate chili today but I did! Lest we all pray that I do not explode tonight.

Now for the recipe! Easy peasy lemon Squeezy. You have two options.... Do all of this on a dutch over and simmer for 2 hours. OR cook the ground chicken and toss it in a crock pot on low for 6-8 or high for 4.

2lbs ground chicken (or turkey)
2 cans of Black beans Low or no sodium
1 can of chili beans
16 oz of Tomato Sauce (NOT pasta sauce just the plain tomato sauce in a big can).
2 tbsp of tomato paste
1/2-1 cup of Franks Red Hot or other buffalo wing sauce you prefer to spice level
you can use 1/2 of a chili seasoning packet if you wish. but I personally use the following
1tsp cumin
1tsp chili powder
1tsp garlic powder
1tsp sea salt
1tsp black pepper

Pre cook your ground meat...
then take the cooked meat and all of the other ingredients and mix together in a crock pot or dutch oven!
cook on simmer for 2 hours on the stove top or low in the crock for 6-8 or high for 4. You can top with sour cream or cheese. I personally used crumbled blue cheese on top! It was AMAZING
Well that is my quick rendition of Buffalo Chicken Chili! I hope you all enjoy! Let me know what you think! Feel free to share on FB, Pin Or twitter! I appreciate you!

Peace Love and Paleo,
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Sweet Potato Fritters!! AMAZING!!! Quick and easy, healthy and great on the calories. I use this website called Myfitnesspal and I type in all of my recipes to get the calorie count etc. If you use myfitnesspal, find me !! PatrioticPeacock

These will be soft but I offer a firmer textured additive to the recipe.
What you will need is:
4 baked sweet potatoes (I wrap in foil after rinsing and poking holes and bake until soft).

1/2 cup of frozen corn
2 green onions sliced thing
1 cup of diced cilantro
Pepper to taste
1/2 tsp cumin or ground clove 
1 large egg
(IF YOU ARENT Paleo and wish to have a firmer fritter you can add 1 cup of bread crumbs and 1/3 cup of corn meal).

mix it all up!
Heat a skillet until it's screaming hot and then lower down to medium heat.
Add a tbsp of butter (unsalted) and a squirt of olive oil to keep the butter from burning.

Spoon out even amounts of the mixture and put in the pan and press into a patty shape. You want to cook it about 5 minutes and then gently flip..they are soft since there isnt any grain flour etc to bind it firmer (unless you are using the non paleo version). and cook some more on the other side..like so

Voilla!! DONE! you can serve it with some sour cream or greek yogurt if you wish!.. I served mine plain to my daughter and for us adults, I served with a little Salsa Verde mixed with a smidge of sour cream.

here is what they look like on my daughter's plate and ours..

Served with a roasted boneless pork loin! AMAZING!! it was a big hit and always is in our family!

Feel free to share on FB and Twitter! I appreciate you all! pin away too!

Peace love and Paleo,
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So people have asked, what is our meal plan? How do we eat? What is our foodie lifestyle? One word.......... PALEO ok maybe two words.. Low Carb.

Having auto-immune disease, it's important to stay away from inflammation inducing foods and well starchy carbs are high on that list! no refined sugary products, the only packaged anything we buy is our saba products and condiments (and of course some things for the kiddo). With Fally (the princess) and her disease it's really important that we try to eliminate any outside sources that can cause inflammation so it's important to us to follow this way of life the best we can for her. Of course we stray, we enjoy a meal out, snacks at the theatre (cough popcorn cough) every once in awhile! that is normal. If you deprive yourself that is how you crash and burn!

This is our fridge. The few packaged things and milk you see are for our little girl otherwise we don't use them.  She drinks a lot of milk with vitamin and iron mixes put in because she has a difficult time chewing so we do a lot of liquid nutrients with her. She is in Feeding therapy as one of her 4 kinds of therapy so hopefully that will be a thing of the past soon enough. So for us you will see......Whole Foods, fresh foods, eggs, proteins that is it!!
An example of a daily menu for us would be:

Breakfast: Saba Smoothie
Snack: berries
Lunch: boneless chicken and squash
Snack: raw veggies (and my guilty ranch or sour cream with lime don't judge lol)
Dinner: tonight was grilled pork loin, grilled asparagus
Snack: nothing tonight but my husband and I snack on really whatever is cooked either left overs or we make beef jerky love it home made!

The key is to eat enough all day to keep your body revving that metabolism and keeping you from ever being hungry. If you aren't hungry then you aren't going to binge or reach for junk!

Today is the beginning of the new journey, a healthy me. THE FINAL chapter in my weight loss adventure. I have resigned to the fact that I will never be a waif. I am only 5'4" ish so I will never be super model sexy and I am sooooo ok with that. I personally like being able to buy clothes off the rack and not have this immense expectation of perfection. I'm a curvy girl, I always have been since I moved on from elementary school. I have never been over weight until pregnancy and then I LET IT ALLLLLLL GO DOWN HILL!!! Not anymore. I am nearing 40 years old, I have a lot of medical issues that are all auto-immune related and the best way for me to combat that problems is to be as fit as I possibly can.  With having a special needs child, I NEED to be a my peak level of health. She needs me to be here for a long long time for her. I am her rock, her support, what will happen if I can't even take care of myself because I'm too overweight or too tired from the fatigue related to being obese. So..........here.......we..........go folks!

Today, I filled the house with our normal fare, fresh fruits, veggies and proteins. I set up a meal plan based on our amazing Clark Bartram's 5 day Fat Flush. YES I AM doing a 5 day fat flush. It is NOT a cleanse or fast. I will be eating and plenty!! However, the best thing for me as a diabetic, a blood type A+, and auto-immune disease prone is to cut out starch and refined sugar. I KNOW that I can and will lose all of my weight but I just can not eat those things. I will always gain it back, I will always become sluggish, my blood sugar will spike and drop out of control. I need to stick with WHOLE FOODS! that is it and that is what I like. Now, I am totally going to enjoy a slice of pizza here and there, a slice of cake at my baby girl's birthday party or a bit of popcorn on family movie night but these things will not be regular parts of my lifestyle on a daily basis as they routinely can be.

I am excited to start this journey with you all. Feel free to join me, ask for guidance, recipes, what my meal plan is. I am an open book. I will post a before picture soon enough as utterly embarrassing as it is, I need it for posterity sake. 

SO tomorrow, July 24th....day one of the fat flush. 
oh and side note, my husband started the fat flush yesterday and lost 3lbs already! ugh men suck
Just a small intro about me and what makes me tick, without sounding too much like an autobiography or singles ad.  I am a 36 year old mama, Military wife, Nurse turned stay at home mom to an amazingly brilliant special needs child and small business owner. 

I am a dork as in Total GEEK like no other, I love 80s movies and rocking out in the car with my 3 year old singing and dancing like maniacs in the car. I get a dork hard on for all things medicine and science. I have been called Britannica by many people due to my photographic memory and insane mind full of useless trivia on just about anything!

I LOVE to run thought I am currently a fat ass and the thought of running to the bathroom makes me sweat! I am on a mission to get fit and fabulous for not just me but my daughter. I love to be silly and goof off with my husband and daughter, hang out at home and just do nothing. We are pretty big home bodies since the Hubs deploys a lot, we like to savior our limited time together. 

With that being said, I am a lover of all things CARB and CHEESE!!! Sadly, both are my nemesis as I am a diabetic and carbs are my kryptonite. I am overweight, Normally I am fit but just a bit fluffy after pregnancy however I sort of let myself go this last year and a half. I am trying to climb my way back to being healthy and fit.  Our 3 year old little girl Fally has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (I will write more about that another time). With her rare genetic disease comes a lot of therapy, 5 days a week in fact and some days twice. This has been our routine for almost 2 years now. I've become comfortable in being lazy and living just for her. I've found comfort in yummy snackage while sitting at night trying to enjoy my few short minutes of peace alone as I've never been without her because she just needs her mama!

We are a military family and yes we move often. My husband deploys often enough to have been on 5 year long tours to the Middle East. Life is chaotic to say the least but if it means our princess is getting stronger, I wouldn't change our craziness for the world.

I started my own home business as a distributor for Saba/ACE a little over a year ago in search of a tool to help with my terrible carb cravings and low and behold I LOVED IT! Lost an amazing amount of weight with it and I started selling it. I have zero plans on ever leaving this amazing company, it's truly changed my life. HOWEVER, I stopped taking ACE last November when Fally had a Stroke and due to stress and fear of something happening to her, I ATE MY FAT ASS BACK to heffalump size. I AM guilty of being a stress eater! I just can't help it. I'm working on ways to combat that problem but for now, I am starting back on ACE on Monday July 15th. So do please follow my journey and if I crash, kick me in the ass. I NEED to get healthy and back in shape. The older Fally gets, the harder it is to carry her everywhere. She is a hair under 40 pounds and lugging her around HURTS! Especially when I'm carrying my own extra baggage. Now getting back to ACE! LOVE my company, I've been quite successful thus far so much that we are going to our company's annual conference in Oklahoma City tomorrow and I have been asked to speak about my success, what the company has done for me and my family and what drives me to keep on building such an incredible business! It is such an honor for me to be asked when I have only been with the company for a year! My goal is by our next OKC event in July 2014, IM A SEXY BITCH RAWR!!!!!!!!!!

Anyhow, I ramble, I am an open book feel free to ask me anything. You will see a lot of variety here from bullshit babble to healthy posts, updates about my daughter, Inspirational updates from my customers and fellow associates! Thank you so much for taking a moment to get to know me.