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I haven't really updated in quite a bit of time so I figured no better time than now. It's 5am, everyone is asleep. I can enjoy a nice hot tea in quiet before the rush of the day. We have quite the busy day today!!

I'm a pretty open book. I don't mind sharing because frankly, I don't care who reads it. I figure if someone who is going through what I am at the same time, struggling through something similar, reads this and I help them be a little more open or share a bit more then why not?  The point of blogging is to get information to others. Whether it be a healthy recipe, a new tool to use in their everyday life or perhaps just a struggle that my family has conquered. I also find it very cathartic. It's a great outlet for me to get things out of my head and off my chest that I have been thinking about. I often go to bed with recipes in my head that I can blog about or information that I think my thousands of readers would love to learn, example the tips on paleo living! If there is ever anything you want to learn, you want more information, you want me to try and create your favorite guilty pleasure into a healthy recipe just ask! either comment or email here thepatrioticpeacock@gmail.com and I will do whatever I can to help you out! Anyway, I digress! 

We as a family have made some pretty big changes in the last year and a half.  We moved across the country. We absolutely ADORE living in Texas!! It has been by far our most favorite place to live ever!! In fact so much, I want to retire here! We are looking at ranches to buy. My husband wants to get a couple of horses. We do not want a farm because frankly we are NOT farm people! But we would love to be able to set up a nice ranch, have a great garden, some fruit trees and few horses. We love Texas. I can't say it enough. Retirement is only a few years away, so we have sometime to plan thankfully but it's getting close! It's exciting! My husband has put in his time and it's time for him to be able to enjoy civilian life now.

We were in such a different place just 6 months ago. Our little girl wasn't doing very well. She had a lot of set backs in her disease but thankfully being here in Texas with the state of the art rehabilitation facilities available to us, she really has progressed! Just 6 months ago, her Doctors put her at barely a 12 month old's physical level. Now intellectually, she is extremely bright and beyond her age but her physical body just fails her. However with such aggressive, intensive rehabilitation, enough that would make a grown man cry, she has made 24 months of progress in just 6 months!! I will have to post a video of her soon at therapy, she rocks my socks of daily. She truly is my hero and the love of my life. SOOOO with her amazing progress comes big things!! She gets to cut back on some of her therapy and instead of twice a day, 5 days a week she gets to go to two days a week and have in home therapy the other days!! We have set up a therapy area for her complete with bosu balls and balancing gadgets (beyondplay.com is an amazing website for therapeutic needs for kids), we even have a free standing Ballet Barre for her to practice her balance and work on upper body strength. She is an amazing child. SOO with that...... SHE GETS TO GO TO PRESCHOOL NOW!!! She is finally at a physical level that she can go to school. At first we thought next year she would be able to start Pre-K and go to the Special needs School. They have Mainstream education classes but for physically impaired children where they offer physical therapy, OT, ST and FT there for her too at the same time. However, she really has come a long way that we don't even need to ever look at that option. She just gets to go to school with her peers and move on from there. She will forever have to be in therapy. It's a battle she will endure for the rest of her life but with time and age we will be able to slowly progress to just doing everything at home and only seek facility help when she has an injury. It's just mind blowing that 6 months ago, she was using a wheelchair and leg braces and couldn't walk up one step on her own and today she is standing on a bosu ball doing squats while holding an 8 pound medicine ball. She blows my mind at how strong her will is! 

So that brings us to our busy day! She gets to go to her 6 month dentist cleaning woot, oddly she loves the dentist haha! Then She gets to go MEET HER NEW TEACHER!!!!! and see her classroom! We have to pick up her class supply list and can I say, my husband and I are pretty excited to have to go buy school supplies lol!! We are so proud of her! She is so excited to go to school! She's going to a private Christian school which is important to my husband and I. They have great values and a group called Mission kids, one night per week they get together and learn about doing things for others and just being compassionate and mission minded children. Which is a great value to have. She has been through a lot and a lot of people have been there for her whether it be doctors, therapists, our friends, the fisher house when she was in the hospital last year for a small stroke, so many of our military friends were a great emotional support to us and We want her to learn how it's important to help others and give back selflessly.

AND THIS MAMA gets some time to herself!! Ahh to go to the gym and run without worrying about a childcare time limit!! Get my hair done, do some work at home without stopping to have a tea party (which I love) so now when she is home from school, all of my time is just us! No running errands, no cleaning house just me and her because I can do all of that when she's at school! I'm sad though because I am so going to miss our morning snuggle time at least I have the weekends! It's been just me and her for almost 4 years. The two of us everyday, all day together since my husband works such long hours we really just get him for dinner time and weekends. She's my best bud!

Well that is enough of an update today! I'm off to go run to some of my local associates homes to get some training done for them before our crazy day

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Egg cups egg cups egg cups egg cups...how many times can you say that fast?? So before I start with this little diddy on how to make these, I must confess first. I never made them before tonight. I have seen them around here and there, people have talked about them yadda yadda but I never tried them. I'm once again suffering from insomnia and decided why not prep some food for the week! I had 2 dozen eggs, I was already making a frittata and I had some amazing bacon... WHY NOT? well shit they smelled so good that I couldn't wait to eat one. I BURNED MY LIP and tongue! So now I am sitting here nursing a blister on my mouth all in the name of bacon. Would I do it again? YES it's BACON!!!!!!!!!!  Anyhow this is the most easy, ridiculous thing you can make that is so grab and go it's insane. It ends all excuses for not having enough time to have a great protein packed breakfast. it would even make a great pre or post workout snack!. It's 3am here in Texas and I'm cooking, so If I can.........anyone can find 20 minutes to do this.

First off, I'm a lazy cook. I don't like messes and well I don't like trying to pry stuff out of pans or other cooking vessels. So here I used a cupcake liner (foil not paper) to make these.

All you need, ARE YOU READY for the crazy stupid easiness ???

1 dozen eggs
12 strips of bacon cut in half
a muffin tin
salt and pepper if you feel so inclined.


Preheat your oven to 425 degrees
Line your muffin tin with your foil cupcake liners.

Take one half of a strip of bacon and lay it down one side of the cup...across the bottom and up the other side........ Now take another half of a strip and do the same thing but on the side of the cupcake liner that doesn't have bacon covering it. it will make a little bacon cup inside the cupcake liner (YES you will double over the bottom of the cup but that's awesome right? TWO layers of bacon on bottom, hell yes please).

NOW for the hard part... Crack one each into each bacon filled cup!
Add some salt/pepper if you wish and bake! for 15-20 minutes! THAT'S IT!

however WARNING!! DO WAIT until it cools before you attempt to eat scolding HOT BACON!!!!!

Enjoy~ Mandy

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  • So converting our lives to a Paleo way of living has been amazing. We no longer have that sluggish feeling a person would have after eating too many carbs or something heavy like a pasta dish or bread. I am losing weight along with the help of My AMAZING tool, ACE!!! I can't get by without the energy it gives me due to our crazy schedule and I'm not one who would drink a cup of coffee each day. I don't drink caffeine at all except for the occasional Skinny Frappe I made! I digress, even living Paleo, sometimes you just want a treat! Something sinful or at least appears to be sinful! I love tapioca pudding. Of course I wouldn't eat it now but in my quest to find a delish sinful treat, along came CHIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT SWELLS like Tapioca would. The possibilities of this recipe are endless! ENDLESS. I am going to post a basic recipe. YOU decide what you want to add to it such as cocoa powder to make a chocolate version, Some lemon for a zing, perhaps raspberry for a sweeter delight. The world is yours!  Personally, I prefer, vanilla with coconut flakes and banana. So delish! I could eat a bucket of It!!

  • 2 cups Unsweetened coconut milk (you can use whatever unsweetened soy milk or almond milk if you wish).
  • ½ cup white chia seeds

  • 3 tbs of your fav sweetener. Whether you use stevia or honey, agave or maple syrup.

  • 2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • Directions:
    1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Stir well. (now this is where you would add all the other ingredients you want IN the pudding such as cocoa etc)
    2. Stir every 10 minutes or so until the chia seeds start to thicken. 
    3. When the chia seeds are floating around evenly, refrigerate for a few hours in your individual serving dishes, I personally chill over night
    4. Top with fresh fruit, coconut flakes even make a nice whipped cream using coconut milk!
    5. EAT

    This can be you!! The question isn't WHY? it's WHY NOT? Just do it, try it don't miss out!

  • I personally have made these quite a few times over the years, sometimes I use ground beef, sometimes I make ground sausage. Easy to make in advance and just reheat if needed. A Scotch egg is a great high protein breakfast or even pre-workout snack!!

    Simple, cheap and VERY filling

  • 1lb Lean Ground Beef

  • 4 Eggs

  • Basil, other green seasonings

  • Salt and pepper for taste

  • Coconut oil for frying

  • Almond meal & egg for coating (optional)

  • For the scotch eggs:
    Preheat oven to 350F & heat coconut oil in frying
    pan (enough oil to for frying).
    1. Boil eggs (hardboiled eggs can take ~
    10-12 mins boiling) – shell and set aside.
    2. Mix minced beef with
    seasonings of choice (I used salt, pepper, garlic powder, red pepper flakes and
    finely ground basil).
    3. Take portions of this seasoned minced beef and
    flatten. Mold the meat onto the boiled egg so as to make a coating to to
    surround each – roll them in your hands to maintain the round & even meat
    coating on the eggs.
    **Optional (but will keep meat together better): coat
    each scotch egg with beaten egg & roll in almond flour / meal until evenly
    4. Place scotch eggs in heated coconut oil in frying pan – fry until
    golden brown.
    6. Remove from pan and place scotch eggs on baking tray and
    place in oven for ~ 10 – 12 mins

    ~~Yum~ Mandy

    Instead of trying to get skinny, why not try to get healthy!! HEALTHY is far more sexy than skinny!!

    ok the magic word here is BACON!!! yes I am going to say that again BACON!!! all things taste better with bacon and bacon should be it's own food group AND (yes I know huge run on sentence) BACON MAKES THE WORLD a better place!! I love bacon........ Oink.. Pork me!

    What is the best thing about living Paleo?? I can eat bacon, I bet all of you skinny bitches living on grass are jealous aren't you!!

    So best juicy delish ground chicken recipe EVER!! Your kids will rave about it!


    Preheat outdoor grill or stove. In a large bowl, combine grated apple,
    celery, poultry seasoning, salt and pepper. Mix in honey, chicken, and cooked,
    crumbled bacon. Shape chicken mixture into 1/2-inch-thick sliders, using 1/8th
    pound of meat per slider. Grill over medium heat about 4 minutes per side, or
    until cooked through. Serve and enjoy!

    Freezing Directions:
    In a large bowl, combine grated apple, celery, poultry seasoning, salt and
    pepper. Mix in honey, chicken, and cooked, crumbled bacon. Shape chicken mixture
    into 1/2-inch-thick sliders, using 1/8th pound of meat per slider. Place in
    freezer bag separating each patty with parchment paper.  Seal the bag,
    removing as much air as possible, Label and freeze flat. To serve:
    Thaw. Grill over medium heat about 4 minutes per side, or until cooked

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  • I am in love with all things paleo! and all things low/no carb, high protein and healthy!!  I stumbled across this recipe on one of my FAV sites, Epicurious!! and fell in love. I did a little tweaking so be sure to check for the original recipe. I found this to be an amazingly refreshing and hearty lunch!

  • 1/2 cup lump crab meat

  • 1/2 tbsp light mayonnaise

  • 1 tbsp fresh cilantro, chopped

  • 2 tsp red onion, diced finely

  • 1-2 tsp jalapeño, diced finely

  • 1 tsp lime zest

  • Juice from 1/2 a lime

  • Sea salt and freshly cracked pepper, to taste

  • Dash of cumin

  • 1 avocado, cut in half, pit removed

  • TO make it a much healthier option be sure to make your own "mayo" by using the avocado oil variation!

    And now the directions. It's really going to take just a minute. are you ready?

    Combine the lump crab meat, mayonnaise, cilantro, red onion, jalapeño,
    lime zest, lime juice, sea salt, freshly cracked pepper, and cumin together.
    Spoon the crab mixture into each avocado half and serve immediately.

    BAM done, like a boss! ~~Mandy
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    This little lady right here is my entire heart and soul wrapped up in her little 39 pound body! She is truly the most amazing thing to ever happen to me. The two of us have been through hell and back together.

    For a short brief back story. Fally was born with a rare genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Without going into too much detail, it's a connective tissue disorder affecting the collagen production in her body which deeply affects her joints and blood vessels. (for more info feel free to check out her awareness page www.facebook.com/FootstepsforFally ).  It's been a long long road fighting to find someone, anyone who could treat her. We have traveled all across the country only to end up leaving Upstate NY and moving to southern Texas to a place where she is getting the most AMAZING therapy services a person could possibly get!  We had a set back in her progress the day after thanksgiving last year (2012) when we were out for the lighting of the Christmas lights on the Riverwalk in San Antonio when she suffered a minor stroke at the very tender age of barely 3 years old. However, she fought back and has kicked ass along the way. I digress because that's not what I'm writing about today. She is severely motor skill delayed due to her disease. In fact we were told when she was an infant that she would never walk, never run, never jump, never dance and just never really do most things that the average healthy child/person would be able to do.  She had been dealt a life of leg braces (AFOs) and wheelchairs. We had to carry her everywhere even at 3 years old because walking was hard, after a few too many steps she was exhausted and in pain. It was just so hard to watch her struggle.

    My anxiety from all of this comes because 6 months ago she had another standard physical therapy evaluation where they measure and score her motor skills (we will go through this same process again for occupational therapy, speech and feeding therapy). 6 months ago my little girl was in a wheelchair, leg braces barely moving much other than toddling around the house or wherever we were for a few steps. She was scored by the medical community at the age of 3 and a half years old as having the gross motor skills (walking jumping etc) of 14 month old baby. The taller she got, the heavier she got, the harder for her it was to get around and the more pain it caused her joints. Her development pediatrician and genetics physician as well as her regular pediatrician didn't seem too optimistic that she would really ever progress very well as most children with EDS tend to digress as their joints deteriorate or have chronic pain. Well her new Physicial therapist (fally's 3rd) saw something in fally that made her think, no this isn't it for her. She is one determined and motivated little child. She has so much more in her. So we set a long hard schedule of therapy every single day, some days twice a day plus working with her at home. It was a lot of tantrums, a lot of tears, a lot of days where fally just wanted to go to sleep she was so tired.  An adult would buckle under her work out schedule. The goal was to build muscle! yeah you heard that right BUILD MUSCLE in a 3 year old child who has hypotonia (severe low muscle tone very loose and floppy). Well tomorrow is the end of 6 months. Tomorrow is Fally's re-evaluation and scoring to see where she is today. I'm so anxious to see where they put her on the age charts for motor skills. She still is behind other 4 year olds. Very behind in fact. However, fally is no longer in a wheelchair, she has graduated from leg braces to SMOs (just ankle brace which she will always need) and........................... that little girl that all of those doctors told us would never dance..... takes a dance class both tap and ballet every Tuesday!! In fact she had a dance recital on fathers day weekend. Yes she was much more behind than the other girls, she couldn't do most of the leg work but she went through the motions, gave it her all and was so very proud of herself. That is all I could ask for. So here I sit, anxious to see how far my little warrior has come in the last 6 months.

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    4 boneless, skinless chickenn breasts
    and fresh  ground black pepper for seasoning chicken
    1/2 cup basil pesto (I
    used my  homemade Basil  Pesto with Lemon, but you can use
    purchased pesto.)
    2 oz. (1/2 cup)  grated low-fat mozzarella cheese (I personally Omit the cheese because I avoid dairy)

    Preheat oven to
      375F/190C. Trim all visible fat and tendons from chicken pieces, then cut each
      chicken breast lengthwise into 2 or 3 pieces. (I cut the larger ones into 3
      strips and the smaller ones into 2 strips.)

    Spray a 9" x 12" (or 8.5" X 12.5") baking dish
      with non-stick spray, then spread 1/4 cup basil pesto over the bottom of the
      dish. Lay chicken strips over the pesto, then spread 1/4 cup more basil pesto
      over the chicken.

    Cover the baking dish with aluminum foil (or
      use a baking dish with a tight-fitting lid) and bake the chicken for 25-30
      minutes, just until chicken is barely firm and cooked through. (Don't cook too
      much at this point, or the chicken will be overcooked by the time the cheese is
      melted and browned.)

    When chicken is barely cooked through, remove foil
      and sprinkle chicken with 1/2 cup grated mozzarella cheese. Put dish back into
      the oven without foil and cook 5 minutes more, just until cheese is melted. (If
      your broiler is separate from the oven, start preheating it when you take the
      chicken out.) After I melted the cheese for 5 minutes I switched my oven to
      broil and broiled for 5 minutes more, just long enough to get the cheese
    lightly  browned.

    Serve hot. There will be some flavorful juice in the
    bottom of  the dish when this is done, so you may want to serve with rice,
    couscous, or  quinoa to soak up the juice, but if you're eating this for phase
    one, just spoon  the juice over the chicken.


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